I was born into an athletics/health family so I have always been interested in training and rehabilitation.

I took up athletics at a young age where I won several youth titles before switching to soccer where I played in the NZ national league and went on several international tours, including trips to Argentina/Chile. Recently I have been focusing more on weight training, when I am able to squeeze it into my busy lifestyle of treating patients and running a business.

I have a keen interest in rehabilitating injuries, whether sporting; a sprained ankle, a dislocated shoulder or a muscular imbalance created by years of lifting weights, or work related; shoulder pain from overhead lifting or back tightness from sitting too long at a desk.

I prefer using hands on techniques so I can accurately identify the issues and treat in a way which generates the best results. When appropriate I like to use my training experience from running and weights to facilitate your recovery.

As well as working with athletes I have also worked with a major Australian airline preforming injury screens/manual handling and rehabilitating their staff. Workplace injuries while different from sporting injuries often share some common similarities.

I find when issues are addressed correctly they can often be maintained through specific exercises and simple adaptions to everyday life.

Areas of interest:

  • Hip/glute/back pains
  • Knee pain
  • Repetitive strain injuries
  • Muscular imbalances/dysfunctions
  • Running, football, weight training injuries
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